Packaging Trends 2018

A plastic bag from the supermarket costs 5p, thousands of food packaging labels are marked with the universal recycling symbol, and you can now buy reusable coffee cups from the coffee giants – recyclable is the biggest trend in packaging for the last five years. We recycle to minimise waste, save space in landfills, and

Choosing The Right Clinical Waste Bag

As healthcare waste sortation and streaming continues to spread, it has become critically important and demanding for organisations to choose the right clinical waste bag. Two decades ago, healthcare packaging trends allowed for most companies to simply place clinical waste in the nearest bag or container – a sort of ‘out of sight, out of

Why Use Polythene Bags?

Polythene bags are a great way for manufacturers to keep costs low while protecting their products during transit or storage. There are various advantages to using polythene in plastic bags that benefit both the manufacturer and the consumer, and it has become an increasingly common material for many of the plastic bags and packages we
The plastics industry has been at the receiving end of a great deal of bad press and public unrest recently. The controversy surrounding single-use plastics is particularly fierce. What the speculation and discussions sometimes fail to take into account is the long-standing efforts of the industry to manage its environmental impact. This includes investing a
A versatile and cost-effective packaging that can be used for food and non-food use, grip seal bags are a popular option for industry, retail and private use. Made from polythene, a grip seal bag is a plastic bag which benefits from a grip seal across the top. The grip seal can be set to the
You may feel like sticking to cardboard boxes over modern polythene mailing bags is more ‘traditional’ or reliable. And when it comes to heavyweight items, you naturally need to have the most robust packing solution to hand. But for all the virtues a simple cardboard box has, we have plenty of reasons why we feel

Saving Money 101: Poly Plastic Bags

Poly plastic bags are a practical way to solve lots of commercial problems. They can be used for display purposes or to maintain the quality and standard of products that would be damaged if they were kept in an open environment. They are also ideal for mailing packages or documents. Plastic sacks and black bags

Our New Team Member

Welcome to a new member of the team – Our new Melrose Van! To enable us to be reactive and offer our customers the service they require in this ever changing environment, we have our own transport to deliver local and urgent orders nationwide. Your No1 Packaging Partner is our van slogan!

Did You Know?

Plastic and other packaging materials are also sustainable resources. Here are a couple of interesting case studies; 1. A homewares retailer using Sealed Air’s Cryovac® CT shrink film reduced… Packaging weight by 125,000 kg Energy consumption by 24,000 kWh Pallet storage space by 300 m2 Greenhouse gas emissions by 16,000 kgCO2e 2. A clothing retailer

5 Types Of Protective Packaging

Whether you’re sending products or items through the post or displaying fragile products, protective packaging is a requirement. Every business understands the risks entailed in the transport of delicate products to customers. This is the reason there is such a wide range of protective packaging on the market. The type of product you are sending