Child Warning Bags

Ref Info Gauge Size
Price Per Pack Qty
1 4+ 8+ 12+
SGP-179300230 x 3001500£77.18£62.48£58.80£55.13
SGP-180300300 x 400800£68.04£51.84£48.60£48.60
SGP-181300425 x 500500£59.50£52.50£49.00£49.00
SGP-182300550 x 880200£48.00£42.00£39.00£39.00
SGP-183300650 x 980200£64.96£56.84£52.78£52.78
SGP-184300140 x 1903000£117.00£94.50£76.50£72.00
SGP-185300800 x 800150£51.01£44.64£41.45£41.45
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The use of advisory and warning labels provides important information for your staff and carriers on how shipments and products should be handled or stored. All our labels will adhere to most dry, clean surfaces as well as all paper and board surfaces. We can supply labels printed with your design in any colour or size so please call our friendly team for advice and a free quote.

These bags are self sealing using an adhesive strip.

Please contact us for more information +44 1234 841144 or email us on


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